Zyagen/Chicken Tissue Custom Made Western Blot-2/11474/1 Ea
Chicken custom made Western blot-2 is your choice of any 15 chicken tissues of panel# 1. Total protein will be extracted from the selected tissues and subjected to rigorous quality control procedures before fractionation through large SDS-PAGE. 
Blots can be used to:
  • Quickly assess specific protein expression across different tissues.
  • Determine size and relative abundance of protein  in different tissues.
Quality control:
Every step of preparation of blots, from harvesting tissues and extraction of protein to blotting is carefully monitored to ensure the superior quality and performance.
  • Blots are made from high quality tissue lysates that is homogenized in a protein lysis buffer containing cocktail of 7 mammalian protease inhibitors. The quality of protein as indicated by the absence of smear (no degradation) and sharpness and resolution of protein bands are verified by denatured SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining.
  • The efficiency of transfer is routinely checked by staining protein on membranes with reversible Ponceau staining.
  • The integrity of the blotted protein is tested by immunostaining of b-actin.
The total protein samples  (75ug each ) are freshly extracted from tissues, boiled in SDS sample buffer, fractionated though 12.5% SDS-denaturing large polyacralamide gel eletrophoresis (SDS PAGE), and blotted onto PVDF membranes. Each blot is shipped in a sealed bag at room temperature and is good for one year if properly stored dry at 4oC in a sealed bag with descant.